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Can God Kill You?

Just as it is true that understanding that God doesn't give sickness to His kids is key to moving in greater faith and success with healing, one thing that we must grasp in order to move forward in resurrection power is understanding that God does not kill His kids.

The fact is that there are things God cannot do. For example, Titus 1:2 says that God cannot lie. He also cannot kill. That job is already taken by the enemy. This truth causes people, especially leaders, to squirm because they think that by saying this I am communicating that God isn't all powerful.

Once after hearing this message, I had a well known pastor sit me down and say, "Let's be honest. If He wanted to erase you, you vanish. Poof. Disappear. Done." I was so caught off guard by this that I didn't respond in the way I wanted to. What I should have said is as follows.

As a earthly dad, I would never kill my kids. Do I have the power to do so? Yes, but that isn't the question, is it? The question isn't if I could do it or if I would do it, because both of those thoughts are frankly intolerable and disgusting. Perverse. And they are not honoring to me as a father. In fact, it is extremely offensive for someone to sit back and think about how I have the power to kill my kids if I wanted to. Why would someone even think about me killing my kids at all? There is no situation, ever, wherein I would rationalize killing my kids, to such a degree that I CANNOT. It is off-limits to me. And if that is true for me, a man, how much more true is it for a perfectly holy God as Yahweh?

God not killing His kids isn't in any way declaring that God isn't all powerful. If God is only powerful if He kills His kids, you may as well pack up and move to Yemen, because that sounds like Allah, not Jesus. Jesus perfectly revealed the Father and yet never killed anyone but rather, was killed on our behalf.

There are things that God cannot do, not because He is weak but because He is much stronger that we could ever imagine. God cannot lie, and if He cannot lie, how much more can He not take the life of His children? What is more serious, lying or killing? We realize He is honest, but dang, we so quickly attribute killing and death to Him. Awry.

The church is so insecure in the power of God that we now philosophically imagine situations that have never happened so we can assure ourselves that He isn't an emasculated weakling rather than realizing that He is the King of Kings with all power at His disposal. In fact, He has so much power that He has no need to stoop down to human thinking and reasoning and solve situations by offing someone.

God doesn't steal, kill, or destroy. That job is already taken. God gives life and life abundant.

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