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"It Was God."

I love God stories. Here is one that recently rocked me.

My friend Raleigh was travelling for business. He had a break from work and went over to a Guitar Center where he was looking at guitars. Another man was in the store and they quickly struck up a conversation when they both realized they both loved worship. So Raleigh starts playing a guitar and this guy, a stranger moments before, start prophetically singing. This guy is harmonizing and prophetically singing and more was good. The Presence gets so heavy that at one point the man just starts crying. Raleigh said that he hadn't had worshipped like that in a long time.

That is pretty amazing (deep worship with a stranger) but it gets better. Before the two guys go their own way, the man tells Raleigh something that happened to him recently.

The man was on a hike with a friend. They returned back to their car that was parked on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere where the likelihood of them seeing anyone else was low. The entire car was covered in dust from the dirt road, but they noticed that near the top of the vehicle there were two hand prints. The hands were positioned with the wrists pointing up, with the fingers spread out downwards. In other words, the only way someone could place their hands on the car from that angle was if they were either on top of the car reaching down or somehow hanging off something upside down. There weren't any marks on top of the car that would indicate that someone had been on top of the car, and the two hand prints were the only marks on the entire car. Odd and nearly impossible, but it gets better.

At this point the man took his phone out and showed Raleigh the picture. The two handprints had holes in the middle of the palms.

As the man left he said, "It was God."

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