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Audio Teachings

We have a lot of free teachings online through YouTube or other platforms for the casual listener/believer. These audio files are different in that they are in-depth and shockingly revelatory. These recordings are auditory meat that are reserved for the hungry ones. Each conference is 5+ hours.

Scriptural teaching on raising the dead which leads to the How To. Incredible, faith building testimonies. Discover Perfect theology in Jesus. Answer tough questions. Fall in love with your father. You will never be the same. Includes Q&A. 5 sessions, 5 hrs. 

Six conference sessions on Healings, Miracles, & the heart of God. Learn how to continually embody being "more than a conqueror" in every area of life. Victory is yours. Includes Q&A. 6 hrs. 

Fall In Love Again. Experience Deep intimacy with God. Line upon line. Receive the bliss. 5 hrs. 

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