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Healings At A Book Party

Greetings Beloved!

The book release party for “Stories of the Supernatural” went well! With newspaper and radio coverage, people of all types came; Christians, Buddhists, non-religious, as well as us drunk-on-love-lovers. We had a blast. Below are a few short recountings of some moments from last night.

A lady of considerable age, probably over 80 years old, came with total deafness in one of her ears. We prayed for her and her hearing was totally restored.

A husband and wife came in with knee problems and an illness that had caused the woman to cough for 7 months. Healing came to both.

More than once the workers in the bookstore said, “It is so good to have these people here. Love is in this store!”

One elderly woman in particular, living in the little town of Shelton, has been having exceptionally amazing encounters with the Lord for the past 6 years. In one such encounter, she was visited by Jesus Christ Himself. This woman hadn’t been understood by anyone that she had told these things to, so she had kept these encounters to herself. Instead of being able to cherish these encounters in her heart, she had felt odd to others for having them. She came to the book signing know that she would be accepted in her supernatural experiences by the person that wrote such stories. She was! You know what is weird? NOT experiencing the things in the Bible like healings, visitations from angels, prophetic dreams, and dead raisings! The lack of experiencing the supernatural is what is out-of-place if you are a Christian.

We ended up selling more books than any authors had before us at an author signing. Being in a small town bookstore, this isn’t saying much, but it is a start!

We are having a blast serving Jesus. If you find yourself bored with your relationship with God, you probably don’t have one! He is the instigator of happiness, of goodness, of healing, of love, of fun!

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