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4th Person Resurrected

Hello! Here is a quick update to boost your faith and encourage you.

It has been a fun week. Our Atlanta Dead Raising Team raised the dead last week, which makes that the forth person to be raised from the dead since the DRT began in 2007. Our DRT lead

was in a restaurant when a woman choked. CPR wasn’t working, she turned purple, and the heartbeat was lost. The woman died. CPR wasn’t working to get the air circulating through her blood because air wasn’t getting into the lungs because of the blockage in her windpipe. When everyone had started to give up, Cait stepped up, declared that the woman’s life was not over, and started declaring over her body, “LIFE, LIFE, LIFE, IN JESUS NAME!” Suddenly, from a state of dead, the woman started breathing, though the blockage of food was never removed. The woman was raised to life right there in the restaurant, with many watching. Glory to God.

Life is fun. When we have faith, everything is possible, and nothing becomes out of reach or impossible. I prayed for a pastor a short while ago that had major pain in his hips because they were misaligned. One leg was an inch shorter than the other. Instead of praying for his leg to grow out, I prayed over his hips. Once we were done praying, I sat the pastor down and looked at his legs. They were suddenly the same length, and the pain had completely left. Astounded and surprised, the pastor left excited about Jesus.

Walmart is looking into our book, our local newspaper wants to interview us before our book signing, and our family is healthy and full of life. Life is good. In the midst of economic downturn, we are encouraged by the Lord.

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