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School Of Resurrection Acclaim

When I attended a School of Resurrection, my spiritual life was renewed...awakened to new life in Christ! The best gift I received from this weekend training and something I was surprised to have offered to me, was JESUS displayed in all His Glory and Goodness uninhibited, through the knowledge of His true nature--Love--as witnessed in Scripture. It's with this foundation in place, that we can wholeheartedly believe it's God's will to raise the dead. It is evident that Tyler experiences the joy of God's Goodness and enjoys sharing about it with others, unashamed. The atmosphere of the class is one where information/experience is offered with evidence to back it up with, and it is left to the individual to decide what he/she wants to do with that information. Tyler is an excellent teacher, exhorter, friend and brother. He exemplifies Christ in his life and I'm grateful to call him brother. -Katie, McPherson, Kansas 


If you have ever had one of those moments when you’ve had a family call, grief stricken and looking for hope, in search of someone to help, wishing their family member or loved one could be revived, then this training is for you. In those moments, we have felt helpless and have looked for solutions. According the scriptures, we as Christians are commissioned to raise the dead. We were looking for a way to fulfill this commission in a practical way. We invited Tyler Johnson to come and train in order to get us started in a more official and organized way. We have been able to answer those calls from families looking for dead raising. Although we have yet to see our first arising, we are able to minister hope and peace to a whole family just because of our willingness to show love to the needy. We endorse Tyler, and the training. Tyler’s training raises the bar of hope, faith and love as he shares the goodness of God. His teaching has greatly encouraged our team to go after life because it is the heart of the Father, a move of the Spirit and the commission of Christ. While Tyler challenges the status quo of current thought regarding dead raising, he ministers in a way that is full of honor, respect, kindness, generosity and love. We highly recommend the School of Resurrection. -Ted & Toni, Rancho Cucamonga, California


Dalton, Georgia was blessed this weekend to have a spiritual maverick stirring up the Holy Ghost and power. Thanks to Tyler Johnson for "ice-breaking" our strongholds of unbelief and numbness. Death has no sting! Satan has no bling! Jesus is supreme! We were truly blessed, blitzed, and bettered! Thanks Tyler! Thanks Jesus! -Richard, Dalton, Georgia


Heading into the School of Resurrection I had no idea what to expect. I thought it to be a bit outside my theological box. Once Tyler began breaking down key verses in the Bible that we often over look; not only was my theological box shattered, but it was like being given a key that unlocked the world to my true identity in Jesus Christ. I am now more effective in all aspects of ministry and witness miracles on a daily basis. You can’t afford not to go to a DRT training. -Brian, Olympia, Washington


We were so blessed to have Tyler come and share God's heart for raising the dead. Many from different churches and healing rooms around San Diego participated in this training. The historical and practical teaching that Tyler shared has launched many Christians in San Diego in greater faith and helped bring those who have a heart for God to move profoundly in our city together. Jesus gathered only a few to pray for dead raising because many have doubt or are afraid or question whether we have the right to ask for such things, but God is looking for a people who will be willing to pray dad's back to their wives and children, pray wives back to their husbands, pray babies back into the hands of their parents. We need more Christians with a heart for God like Tyler sharing their experience and encounters with our Magnificent King. The body of Christ needs a bigger Revelation of our Lord and Savior, so that we are representing Him Truthfully to the world. -Mary, San Diego, California


I attended the School of Resurrection on October 12 and 13th in Shelton, Washington with that question in mind. Tyler Johnson helped me to understand how that is possible and how to pray for the dead to raise back to life. Starting with biblical accounts of resurrected bodies all the way through modern day dead raising, we learned where the power comes from to do this miracle. Tyler’s direct and simplistic approach made it easy to grasp the concepts involved when praying for life. I left his seminar with an improved perspective on the goodness of God and a boldness to pray even when circumstances seem hopeless. -Michael, Shelton, Washington


Two years ago Tyler did a School of Resurrection in Jacksonville Florida. Life-changing impartations were released as our eyes were open like never before to the truth of God's amazing love. The title 'Dead Raising Team' freaked many of us out even though it is clearly in the Bible that we are to raise the dead. I'm so thankful that we went beyond our fear and comfort to see how beautiful our Lord is and how He really did come for us to have life and to have it abundantly. I highly recommend that people step out of their comfort zones to experience the truth that will set them free forever. -Sylvie, Jacksonville, Florida


The School of Resurrection has changed my life. It has opened a new world of potential.. and closed the door on the old religious beliefs i grew up with. It's not just about raising the dead, it is about the Amazing Goodness of God. I learned that He is a good God and that he will never harm or destroy anything. The popular belief that God brings destruction is shot down, and the Absolute Truth of His love for us is brought to life. Jesus is the exact replication of God. Our identity is in an amazing powerful God full of grace and life. I have also learned the answers to many questions that atheists and other people don't understand. With this new understanding it makes Christianity something to be proud! I love the insight that Tyler shares and how the Holy Spirit uses Him. Truly life changing and Amazing. -Amy, McPherson, Kansas


For me, the School of Resurrection was revolutionary not because it introduced new ideas but rather because Tyler did such a good job in helping me to understand God’s heart on topics that He had been speaking to me about for years. Anyone who attends one of these trainings should be pleased that the material is Christ-centered and well-founded in Scripture and the revelation of the Father found throughout the Scriptures. Tyler is well read and has done his homework and his heart is the student’s freedom. I came away from the DRT training with a deeper revelation of the love of my Papa God. I highly recommend a DRT training for anyone who is interested in following in the footsteps of Jesus. -Sam, Redding, California


Tyler's down to earth biblical approach to uncovering the Truth was refreshing and simply proved his *amazingness*. The beginning of a new and wonderful rabbit trail, we might fall down the hole into the Kingdom. -Peggy, Centralia, Washington


The School of Resurrection is one of the most powerful and life changing trainings available today. Tyler teaches revelatory truths that challenge our previous understanding and mind sets of the true character of God, providing a solid foundation in building understanding of how we walk in the resurrection power and abundant life that we were created to walk in. Those with ears to hear, leave this training believing in His goodness, intoxicated by His love and empowered with a new zeal to release His power and LIFE to a hungry and hurting world. Bringing this training to our city rocked our region with an army of people released and operating in supernatural healing power and life. Testimonies of an increase in healings and salvations poured in as His bride understood her role and began to pour out His love. If you want to fulfill the great commission....don't miss out on hosting this training in your area! -Lydia, Shelton, Washington


It has been an honor getting to know Tyler Johnson.  He encapsulates the Father’s love and His goodness.  I heard Tyler first on a CD teaching about dead raising and was extremely impressed with his teaching on dead raising.  When we had him for the School of Resurrection I was even more impressed in person because he radiated the love of the Father and talked so much more than dead raising.  He taught on the goodness of God and it hit my spirit man like a ton of bricks.  Since the training I’ve had tremendous breakthrough in my personal relationship with the Lord and new revelations of the nature and character of God that I’ve never had. He teaches in a way that will springboard your relationship with the Lord and helps bring understanding to truth we’ve lacked in the Body of Christ for a long time.  It’s extremely evident He knows the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.  He brings in the elementary teachings of believers and makes it fun and simple to understand.  He shows you how overwhelming these subjects are in the Scriptures and he brings them to your attention because he has heaven's perspective.  I'm extremely honored to call him friend and brother in the Lord, and myself and everyone around me have benefited tremendously through these revelations.  I would highly encourage anyone to have Tyler come speak and or have a DRT training. -Shawn, Rancho Cucamonga, California


I highly recommend Tyler Johnson’s ministry for any church, bible study group or organization who is willing to take risks for faith in Jesus Christ. I first heard Tyler Johnson speak in the afternoon session in Spokane, Washington at the Annual Healing Rooms Spiritual Hunger Conference in 2010. His subject was raising the dead. I was riveted by the subject of raising the dead and totally captured by the force of Tyler’s conviction that raising the dead was God’s idea and is supposed to be a normal part of any Christian’s relational walk with the Lord. As Tyler went over scripture after scripture revealing that the heart of the Father was never tied up in death, I was struck by the lack of solid teaching on this subject in the church today. Two years later, (July 2012) I had Tyler come speak as our keynote speaker in our church when we hosted an “Open Heaven Conference”. We experienced a very powerful time in the Holy Spirit with solid biblical teaching from Tyler. A month later, I had him come back to do the D.R.T. (dead raising team) training. Wow! We are still buzzing about the Biblical revelation Tyler laid out for us, and applying the truths to our life. Tyler’s teaching is clear and easy to understand. I appreciated that Tyler’s teaching was not just empty Christian philosophy or theory. He challenged us as to why our actions don’t line up with the teaching and practices of Jesus Himself and then gave great examples of “how to do it” with lots of application opportunities. This training is essential. The last day church needs to be walking in faith and power as we are expecting and anticipating the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The School of Resurrection covers the biblical basis for raising the dead, the supremacy of Christ, the goodness of God and practical protocol (such as sensitivity to grieving family members) when raising the dead. Tyler will challenge your traditional thinking and equip you and your people to walk as Jesus did, 1 John 2:6. Matthew 10:8, Luke 22:29, John 14:12, John17:18,22, John 20:21. -Kevin, Jerome, Idaho


The School of Resurrection webinar has been awesome. Thanks for taking us to a new place in our belief system. It was an awesome time being blessed by you and how God wants to raise us up in this kind of faith. We love you. -Paul, Tacoma


Thank You Jesus, That was an awesome message. Thanks again Tyler, I want to run out and do it right now. -Beth, Wisconsin


Thank you so much for teaching the Online School of Resurrection. I got a hold of your book "How to Raise the Dead" and from the very start of the book I could feel God pulling me deeper into the scriptures and deeper into intimacy with Him. Truthfully, by the end, it's just even more and even better. Then the classes today, WOW. There is such a peace when you are preaching, such life coming off the Scriptures... I can't wait until the recordings are processed so I can listen and really meditate on this life giving good news!! OH MY GOODNESS it was awesome!! SO full of life!!!! I have never seen Romans 2:7 until you read it. Wow! -Cindy, Arizona


Every time I listen to you teach the School of Resurrection it's like a fountain of Gods love pouring over me. It's so freeing! -Dameon, Georgia


My wife and I have to say this is the best money we have ever spent. We are so excited to be armed with the new information that you imparted to us. -Frank and Carolyn, South Carolina


Thanks again for doing the online School of Resurrection. I think I took at least 30 pages of notes, and know there will be more after listening again. Getting ready to go out to get some dinner and praying for an opportunity to put some of this into action. That activation prayer at the end was powerful! After almost 2 years of trying to host/attend a school but regional dates didn't work or couldn't get enough interest, it was well worth the wait. Very well worth it! -Angie, Virginia


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