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Some Things I Was Taught By Man And Had To Relearn From God

Non bold text=What I learned from man.

Bold text= What I learned from God.

I am a sinner. I am a saint because of Christ.

It is holy to be poor. God wants us to have abundance.

God wants to change me. God’s agenda is not to change me, but for me to receive His love.

Miracles are uncommon. Miracles are common if I will step out and believe for them.

Speaking in tongues and other manifestations are demonic. Speaking in tongues and other manifestations serve the purpose to connect me to God and exponentially expand a my ability to minister to others.

God is just and holy first and foremost. God is love first and foremost. Every characteristic of God is submitted to His love, like justice and holiness. Hence why Paul sums up all of God’s nature by saying, “God is love.” When I reverse this reality I come to dishonoring conclusions about God’s nature.

God is good, but there are conditions on His goodness. God is unwaveringly good and there is nothing that can separate me from His love.

The Bible has all the answers. God has all the answers. The Bible is not God, but an inspired book that God has given to me to help lead me in relationship with Him.

God uses death and sickness to accomplish His will. God does not use sickness and death to accomplish His purposes and will, and instead sent His son to destroy sickness and overcome death.

To die is Gain. To live is Christ. In other words, I was taught to want to go to heaven. Instead, I should want to bring heaven to earth, like Jesus prayed in the "Our Father". Outside of spiritual language, wanting to die is simply called "suicidial".

You should want a quiet life and work with your hands. I should try to take over the world for God and for His glory.

Stay in line and don’t rock the boat. Jesus rocked the boat by simply doing what God told Him to do.

God sometimes steals, kills, and destroys. The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

You should fear God. There is no fear in love. God loves me. I should not run from God when I stumble, but to him, because He is always, always safe.

There is no spiritual solution to depression. Get some meds. I can thank my way out of depression, worship my way out of deserts, and be so grateful that I stay seated in the third heavens regardless of what happens in my life.

You only have some authority. I have all authority. Do as Father leads.

God is far off and doesn’t value your love. God is nearer than my skin and values the love I give Him so much that there aren’t words to describe it.

Father, Son, and Holy Bible. Holy Spirit is so fantastically powerful and big that when I give Him an ounce of opportunity and faith, He transforms everything.

God only loves “His people” (whoever that is to a particular person). As hard as it is to stomach, God loves everybody, even those people I feel disdain towards or the people who represent Him badly.

Lots of people are going to hell. Lots of people who deserve hell will be saved from it, including myself.

Grace can be taught heretically. Grace is completely offensive to the natural mind, is the essence of the gospel, and sounds like heresy to people who have not yet discovered how broken and wonderful they really are. Without the reality of grace, we would all be lost.

Your motivation for evangelism is that people will go to hell without Jesus. My motivation for evangelism is that God desperately loves His children and it overwhelms His heart with gladness when I communicate and demonstrate His heart to those that do not know Him.

Your creative, new ideas have already been done, so give up and do something else. God has creative ideas for me to discover that nobody else has ever pulled off, so follow my heart and don’t give up on my far-flung dreams.

Women, submit to your husbands. While submission is a reality, a greater place to live from is a vulnerable, honest relationship. From this place, both spouses submit to one another because they trust the other person’s perspective. If this is done correctly, over a lifetime the amount of times a women must grit her teeth and willingly submit to her husband’s will should be able to be counted on one hand. If submission is needed regularly, someone isn’t being heard, valued, or understood.

God can do anything He wants. Allah can do anything he wants, as he isn’t held to any holy standard, but with our God, there are things He cannot do, like lie, or anything else that is considered sin. He cannot do anything that contradicts His nature. His actions flow from His nature. He does nothing that isn’t 100% beautiful, good, and loving. Every good thing comes from the Father of lights, with who there is no turning.

God changed over time. God changes not, we just must find out how we saw Him incorrectly in the past.

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