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Resurrection Testimony

The following testimony was sent to us yesterday from a DRT lead. We love the heart behind it, the authenticity, the tone, and most of all, God’s total involvement in the whole situation. Enjoy!

"I just wanted to share something with you that happened last week! I got a message from a lady who told me the Holy Spirit was telling her I need to be more aware and alert last Friday. I didn't really know what that meant BUT my friend and I were walking home after bar ministry and we turned the corner and we came across the aftermath of a motorbike accident. A man was lying flat on his face in a HUGE puddle of blood and a giant gash in his head and there was another man who was trying to wake him up and he was completely unresponsive, not breathing, not moving. So my friend looks at me and goes, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" and I was like, "Yep. Let's do it." and so we go walk over (I'm shaking at this point and my heart is about to explode) and we kneel down and lay our hands on him and start praying and HE GETS UP. By this point, there's a huge crowd around us taking pictures and freaking out and it was so awkward and then an ambulance comes and so we move off to the side and continue to pray for this man. Then we go home and still don't feel peace/we're freaking out so we decide to go on a walk back on the street where the accident took place and then I said out loud, "I really wish we knew what hospital he went to. I wanna see him. I don't know why but I do." And THEN RANDOMLY a police officer appeared OUT OF NOWHERE and tells us the name of the hospital! It was so insane! So we get on a tuktuk and go there. As soon as we walk in (we have no idea what we're gonna do at this point) the nurse looks at us and goes, "oh right this way." AND TAKES US TO HIM. And so we got to pray for him again and share Jesus with him. My friend then woke up to a text message the next morning from a girl she went to high school with saying that she had a vision that she and specifically me came across a dead body and God raised him from the dead through us! It was the most insane night!"

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