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God Hunts Down His Kids

Her background: She had a broken back that caused her hands to go numb. She couldn't hold down a real job due to the injury, and didn't qualify for disability. Thus, a month earlier she was living on the street. Thankfully, since then she had landed a meager job tending a man's yard, and though it wasn't much, it was enough to help her buy a truck, which was an upgrade from the street.

Now though, two men in a rental car pulled up as she was doing yard work at night by the light of her truck headlights and informed her that they had to repo her vehicle due to her ex-husband not paying child support. Flying to a depressive rage, she began pulling her only belongings out of the truck and onto the ground so that they could take her "home". She knew that all of her belongings strewn across the yard would result in losing this meager job, but there was nothing else she could do. She kept muttering "I'm done. That is it. I don't care what happens anymore. I am a terrible person. I am a total failure."

It was at that moment that a man literally walked out of the dark woods nearby and offered to pray for her. The man ascertained that the woman had broken her c7 vertebrae, which had healed badly, and so he stood behind the woman and laid hands on her back and neck. The woman was surprised to find that moments later, the numbness in her hands had gone away. Then he helped her get her belongings out of the truck, told her where he lived in case she needed anything else, and quite simply, walked right back into the blackness of the woods.

My side of the story: I shot deer with a bow. It ran off. In searching for it, I find myself in my neighbor's yard where a distraught lady had just lost everything. I never found the deer, but did locate a lost daughter of the King.

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