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A Glorious Update

Hello friends,

I haven’t updated our “news” for quite some time. Between traveling and ministering on the weekends and a growing family, I admit that I haven’t been thoroughly faithful at staying up on these posts.

DRT trainings are fruitful and going well. I am encouraged every time we have one, whether the crowd is large or small. There is something very satisfying about being with people that want to know God more....something that magnetizes Heaven to the meetings. Considering the subject matter, almost every time I give the messages I doubt beforehand that anyone, let alone a handful of people, will be able to the receive the revelation that God is about to deal out, but I am consistently proved wrong. One of the things that stand out to me the most about these trainings is that people tell me that they have secretly believed what I spoke about (mainly the supernatural and the revelation of the goodness of God), and have waited for someone to say what I said for a very long time. Some of these dear people have been waiting to be validated in their secret beliefs about God’s grace and love for TWENTY OR MORE YEARS. It goes without saying that it is an honor to be the person that gets to give them permission to believe the suspicions about God’s goodness that they have entertained for so long.

At this point the DRT has had 10 people brought back to life in various stages of death. The teams are growing, and I haven’t counted them up in awhile but I believe that we are up to about 60 teams across the globe, most of them being in the states, but a good number being overseas (12+).

I just finished our fourth book, The UnRedeemed, which tackles some of the greatest questions men have wrestled with about eternity in light of a loving God. It is a fiction that deals with 1) God’s love and grace in light of hell, without negating its reality 2) God’s redemptive abilities even in the midst of raw evil 3) adventure and glory! Check it out. It is the sequel to our book The Coming, which deals with some of the issues circulating in the church about the End Times and the nature of God during that season of humanity’s existence on earth. Both books are....awesome. I am biased, sure. But I am right! Pick them up at

The main reason for this update is to say that we are moving on from the Northwest so that we are more able to pursue what we feel God has called us to do. Christine and I have both felt, from the time we gave our lives to Jesus, that we would be overseas working with the poorest of the poor. Specifically, India. Christine has always had a desire to minister from a medical platform, and has spent a lot of time in school to become a Physician's Assistant. For those of you guys that don’t know what a PA is, it is basically a type of doctor. It is a more than sufficient level of training to be effective in the third world. And since the Northwest has no PA school that accepts Christine’s prerequisite classes that she has completed, we are moving to Texas where they will. I will continue to travel and minister, and after her last two years of study we will take the next step to going overseas. We have both looked poverty and destitution in the face overseas, and once you have locked eyes with that beast, you are never the same. All the shine and glimmer of our stuff in the West suddenly looks incredibly vain and unimportant in light of the reality that people are in desperate need for....anything we can give....even what we throw away. What can be found in our trash cans would be akin to gold for many people in the third world. I am excited to train pastors and work with people that can receive a supernatural message of healing, resurrection, and grace. While I love the western church, the third world is more desperate than we are for God. I like being with those kinds of people, for they don’t have the walls up that we do. Blessed are those that hunger and thirst....for they will be filled. Yes, they are blessed.

So a good friend is throwing us a going away party after a DRT training in October, specifically the 12th & 13th. If you want to attend, registration is free for the training, and you are welcome to stay after for the party and bid us farewell. We do not foresee ourselves coming back to the NW anytime soon. We would love to say goodbye to all of the people we have fallen in love with over all of this time living here.

If you want to attend a training on resurrection power and walking in abundant life, here are some upcoming DRT locations and dates: San Diego, CA- Oct. 5th & 6th. Shelton, WA- Oct. 12th & 13th. Redding, CA- Oct. 26th & 27th. Go to for more info.

Lastly, we are honored to announce the arrival of our third child, Lily Rose Johnson. She is beautiful and a treasure. She was born on September 3rd, and weighed 8.6 lbs. Delivery was a breeze and we are so incredibly happy to have us with us on this adventure.

To those of you that have been our friends through thick and thin, we love you. Thank you for your love, support, and encouragement. We couldn’t do it alone.

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