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Four More Raised

So it turns out that I spend most of my time writing books rather than keeping up our website. I am on my forth book. In order they are “Stories of the Supernatural”, then “How To Raise The Dead”, then a fiction called “The Coming”, and then its sequel “The Unredeemed”. All take on different issues that we need to be aware of and enjoy about God. We are looking for a publisher for the two fictions.

On another note, since I wrote last on here we had 4, yes 4, more people raised from the dead. Our updates, while inconsistent, are still good!

The last raising was the most encouraging to me, for many reasons. Not only was it because it was released over the phone, but because my son was involved. He is three.

We got a phone call that the father of a friend of ours had been in his car driving and had had a heart attack. As a result he was in an accident, and by the time they got his body hooked up to machines to pump his heart for him and get air to his brain he had been without air for 20 minutes. It was looking grim, as 20 minutes is more than enough time for irreconcilable brain damage.

I was called, and had my son in the room. He agreed that he would pray with me for this man that had died and whose body was not completely dead only because of the machines that it was hooked up to. The son in charge was in faith and not wanting to pull the plug (thank God!). Joshua, my son, and I got on the phone and began to pray over the speaker phone, with our friend holding his phone over body. Joshua started speaking in tongues for his first time without dad telling him to and without helping him understand it when I pray that way. Faith was released and something happened, but my friend didn’t say that his father looked any different than when we started praying. So we just stood in faith. When you pray for something, if it doesn’t take place immediately don't be concerned! That may be your moment to stand in the most powerful way of faith. Just pray and know what you released and be fine with it. Just stand despite what circumstances communicate. Just know.

Two days later we got a text from my friend that said that his dad was conscious and alert, without any brain damage. Not only should he have not awoken, but his brain should have been unable to function. But Jesus brings life!

We also had a conference with David Hogan lately. It went very well and we were told by many people that it was the best conference they had ever been to. David brought powerful messages and there was a great release of the Spirit during our time together. If you missed it, contact us for the mp3s to the conference. They are great.

Our trip to Holland to do a DRT training was awesome. Healings, revelation, and an outpouring of freedom and joy took place. As a result we started 12 teams, one in each region of the country. It was beautiful.

In just under 2 years we have started 31 DRTs and have had 8 successes. We are believing for many more to come.

Big blessings on you guys.

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