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A Year Of Reimbursement

It has been too long. Updates have been scattered at best; my apologies. What follows is what we have been doing and what is to come!

Since we last wrote we have had some fun stuff happen. The sick are being healed and the lost saved, but our focus has become even more specific; I (Tyler) have been traveling a lot with the main focus of raising up people that walk in resurrection power. The DRTs that we started in the past were great, but most of the time I didn’t have a chance to get out to where they were and really train them. Our relationship with these teams is waning, and we wanted to know those we labor with. We also felt that in order for people to really have what they need in intense situations involving death, they needed solid teachings to fall back on. The answer to these two dilemmas was for me to start traveling to do two-day trainings consisting of 4 intensive sessions. The difference we have seen in teams that have done the training compared to teams without it is huge. Our Florida DRT has prayed for many people already, is getting prayer requests from churches of different denominations in their area (that is amazing!), and is being issued a governmental “badge” that will allow them to walk into sensitive situations and pray when the average person can’t. Awesome. This team had a situation a few weeks ago where a 3 year old had stopped breathing, the DRT was called upon, and thankfully the child’s life was saved. So far we have 6 resurrections and counting. Praise God. We are finding that as people actually just believe what Jesus said to do, like raise the dead (Matthew 10:8), that it actually happens! Jesus isn’t a liar….He wouldn’t tell us to do something that we aren’t equipped to do!

Everywhere we go we meet people that have lost loved ones. We watch them get the revelation that Jesus came to bring of abundant life. We watch as their face goes from gloomy to joyful and full of hope. Recently while in Texas, my wife and I witnessed this. A young man and his wife were there, and we found out that they had recently had a miscarriage. As we spoke about God’s will pertaining to life, that He doesn’t will death nor is the instigator of death, and that he loved them and wanted the best for them, we saw this couple transformed. Below is a snippet of the email the mother sent to me after our time together:

“Hey Tyler, first can I just say THANK YOU! You have stirred some holy waters and awesome Jesus juice in my soul and I am having the most amazing revelations of God's love and resurrection power! Now my faith has not only been stirred to raise the dead but not to stop praying and believing even after one’s loved one has been in the earth for years! I will have the dead rise and declare the glory of God! WOOOOHOOOO! GLORY!!”

Good stuff. We also finished our book called, “How to Raise The Dead”. Those that have read it love it…. so I asked myself “Why stop there?” Thus, I started another book, this one a fiction. I must say that it is Christine’s favorite. If you like C.S. Lewis you may like this. When it is ready I will let you guys know. This one is going to knock you down then pull you back up for another dose.

Future stuff; speaking engagements a plenty….but I am more excited about our DRT training Holland in September AND our conference in November for our DRTs in the beautiful Northwest. Specifics aren’t nailed down yet, but David Hogan mailed me out of nowhere and asked to be in service with me in November. Combine that with some fiery friends of ours and viola, you have the first Dead Raising Conference since A.A. Allen. Everyone will be invited….so start planning for it now!

On a family note….the Johnson’s are well. Christine is looking forward to PA school in a year, Joshua is a wound up ball of love and energy, and Jacob is, wait let me check, yes, smiling right now. The guy could be deathly ill and would be beaming nonetheless. We are going to have some family down time in March and looking forward to it!

We love you guys. This is a year of reimbursement…so take some time to remember what has been stolen from you and demand back 7 fold what you lost.

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