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Dead Raisers in the UK

Hello all!

A few day ago, I (Tyler) arrived back from speaking at a conference in Bristol, UK. Many people were raised up to pray for resurrection. The UK just became a much safer place.

The people of the UK are of a dignified sort. You can feel royalty in the air. This is a beautiful thing, but the downside to being “dignified” is that when it is time to get free in the spirit, the “dignified” generally miss out on what the Sprit is doing. In the wake of the misled practices of Catholicism, I had been taught that Europe was some of the hardest soil to sow into in the world. Unlike King David’s undignified dancing before the Lord, I always believed that the UK was religiously dry, easily offended, and generally unhappy.

I was wrong.

The UK is hungry for Jesus, and because there were people from all over Europe at this conference, it is safe to assume that Europe in general is as well. They were exceptionally hungry, especially joyful, and extremely receptive. Desperation leads to manifestation. When Revelation or the Presence of God would become manifest, these people drank it up like a spring of water in the desert. The leadership for the conference were equally as amazing, spiritual healthy and keen, full of joy, lacking the fear of man, administratively astute, and all around enjoyable. They became friends in that short time, which doesn’t happen often when I travel. I miss them already.

I spoke on dead raising, and gave away some of the more challenging teaching that the Lord has given to me. I was surprised to see them receive it so well, despite the controversial subject matter. At the end of the second session, I asked those to stand that wanted to dedicate themselves before the Lord to praying to raise the dead. About 90% of the room stood up. I was very happy about that.

A young man approached me after speaking and told me that he thought I was bonkers when I started speaking. He got up to leave but couldn’t leave his seat. He was physically unable to unglue himself from his seat. Realizing that God was keeping him in his seat, he opened his ears to hear the Lord’s voice, which told him, “Listen to this man.” This young man ended up receiving the revelation being imparted, and was very excited at the end. We don’t need to worry about how man will receive our message if we are speaking God’s words. God can just glue someone to their seat and force them to hear us!

Bill was amazing, as usual. Many people were physically healed as he spoke, and hearts were taught and encouraged.

Later, as teams went out on the street to do prophetic evangelism and the sort, something culminated in the Spirit, and an outbreak took place in the downtown area of Bristol. I wasn’t there to see it, but I heard that hundreds of people were gathered around a few of the revivalists from the conference…giving out words of knowledge for healing, seeing people healed, people giving themselves to Jesus, even baptisms in the nearby fountain. If you have read our book, it sounded a lot like the “Parking Lot Revival” recounting. Amazing.

Worldwide, we have found that people are SICK of religion, but utterly desperate for a real encounter with Jesus. If we are faithful to steer away from the former and produce the latter, we will become deep wells of living water for others to drink from.

Check out our podcasts and messages under our “goods” portion of our website. We try to make free resources available often.

Blissings on you guys, keep drinking deeply of the intoxicating love of Jesus.

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