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Granny Angels and More...

Hello all!

It has been a fun month and a half. This update is one of a few testimonies we have seen in the last month. We strongly believe in the power of testimony….and hope that these short stories encourage you.


We were in pre-prayer, not even in the mindset of ministering to anyone but God, when she came through the door in need of prayer. Bonnie wasn’t following our religious protocol, smelled like alcohol, had deep creases in her face from years of stress and abuse, and revealed by the look of her clothes that she didn’t have an abundance of finances.

She was beautiful.

She cried lightly as we bathed her in love through prayer. By the Spirit it became apparent to me that she had known God in the past, but over the years various things had pulled her away from her first Love. I asked her if this was true and she told me it was. I asked her what it would take for her to feel close to the Lord again. Her answer was much more wonderful and surrendered than I had bargained or intended for. Succinctly and to the point she told me, “To ask Him back into my heart.”

In the first two minutes we met Bonnie she was born again. I live for those moments. After a few more short prayers, she walked out of the room with a new eternity to look forward to, a new peace to live in, and a new smile to wear.

The poor are so simple. They are so beautifully ready for the Good News. Christine and I make every effort we can to get people in the church to believe that God actually loves them, that it really is Good News, and that there is no limit to His goodness. We have found that while the church isn’t always quick to believe those things, the poor are. Blessed are the poor in spirit.


Cancerous tumor, shown on MRI scan. Prayed. More scans were taken. Questioning his previous prognosis, the doctor said, "I don't know what I thought I saw before, but it is not there anymore."

The Tire:

We had some good friends come visit us from California. As they were leaving they ran over a blackberry vine. Regrettably and unbelievably, it punctured their rear tire on their jeep. This made me upset, and for some reason, every day I got upset about it when I thought about it. Four people witnessed the tire as flat, muddy, and useless. They changed it on the side of the road and continued on in their journey. They got home after a 14-hour drive and were unpacking the car. Surprisingly, they pulled out a completely clean, inflated tire. Odd, but God cares about the little things too.

Ears, hips, backs:

Recently we had the honor of seeing Jesus open up a deaf ear, heal hip and back pain, and restore generational blessings over people. Words of knowledge were flowing, and people were being touched by the loving power of God.

Plastered on the Love of God:

A few days ago we sent around 250 people out on the streets of Spokane to do evangelism, filled up with supernatural joy from Heaven. We had a fire tunnel after shortly speaking to them. For those that are unfamiliar with the term “Fire Tunnel”, it is simply two lines of people forming a “tunnel” that others can walk through to receive prayer.

After prayer in the fire tunnel, a large portion of the 250 people looked like they were drunk...and they were....on God! Unexpectedly, healings started taking place even before anyone made it to the street to do evangelism; People were getting healed just by walking through the tunnel. These ravished lovers of Jesus then flooded the bars and streets in the downtown section of Spokane, and we got many stories back of souls saved, bodies healed, and hearts mended. Thank you God.

The Granny Angels

Most people want big, tall, strong, warrior angels to fight beside them throughout life and ministry. I believe those guys help me out once and awhile, but I recently learned that the angels that work with me in ministry look more like sweet ol’ grannies than muscular, sword carrying, spiritual soldiers.

Here is the story. A few old ladies arrived at a meeting though nobody saw the car that they came in. They slowly walked towards the building, crouched over and talking softly, like two sweet old ladies would. Once they entered the building, they seemed to have disappeared because nobody could find them in the small entryway. When we couldn’t find them, I became concerned for their safety, thinking that two little ladies fell somewhere and couldn’t get up. Then we realized that the lack of car, the sudden vanishing, the sweet ol’ grannie facade all pointed to one fact: they were angels, and they were probably still around. As I spoke, I felt a peace in two different places in the room. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was them.

If you are like me, you are probably like, “Grannie angels? I have never read about them in the Bible!?” Yeah, neither have I. Peter hadn’t read in the Old Testament about a feast of animals to eat coming down from heaven on a blanket either, but it happened. There are lots of things in heaven that we have yet to come to know about, or experience. Might as well just enjoy all the oddities of heaven rather than not receive them.

Anyways, these slow, calm granny angels know how to access the heavenly realms with ease through prayer, like grandmothers do. Grandmothers have authority. These angels stand before Jesus in intercession, with authority in the spirit that is astounding. Don’t mess with the grannie angels...they may look frail but their prayers cause the warrior angels to get to work! Thought you may get a kick out of that.

Love you guys. Keep the Fire.

Tyler and Christine

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