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Published, Accidentally

Hello all!

The previous month has been an exciting one. We were in Moses Lake and Canada, equipping people for prophetic evangelism on the streets. Both cities were a lot of fun, with people encountering the love of God through supernatural means.

Canada’s regional meeting was especially exciting, due to a large number of Asians in the crowd. They were hungry, and stormed the front before I was done speaking. I love hunger because it forces people to go outside the norm or the “socially acceptable” to get what they need. As ministry progressed, glory holes opened up in various places in the room and people started getting whacked. Lots of tears. They ended up going out on the streets empowered and encouraged.

People are eating up “Testimonies of Jesus”, which we just re-titled, “Stories of the Supernatural”. It will be on bookshelves in March (yes, 2010) at places like Barnes and Nobles and It will be in Christian bookstores as well, though I would be more excited to have it sold in bars instead.

Not too long ago my friend Dave told me an exciting story about “Stories of the Supernatural”. He works as a driver for people that are disabled and cannot drive themselves to wherever they need to go. He had thrown the book in the backseat of his car, and the lady that he was chauffeuring picked it up and began reading it. She ended up getting born again in the backseat of Dave’s car. She was “low hanging fruit”…. easy to pick.

We never thought we would be writing books, nor did I ever take steps towards attempting to be an author. It just dropped in my lap. In fact, we got “Stories of the Supernatural” published on accident. It was only meant to be a Christmas present for my family, and I self-printed just a few copies of it. Almost as a joke, I sent one to Destiny Image on a whim. Destiny Image is a publishing house that I trust and admire. They decide to publish only a few books a year out of thousands of proposals from all around the globe. As I dropped it off in the mail I was literally chuckling at the implausibility of the book actually being published. I was surprised when I received a response back from Destiny Image saying that they wanted to publish the book.

Books and writing are so important. Most of what we know about God is because a few guys in history decided to write down what they witnessed God doing around them. We are taking this author thing seriously, as we realize that it is one of God’s primary ways to reach people, renew minds, teach, and redeem lives.

So, June has been a month that we set aside to focus on new book that we are writing. We are thinking of calling it, “Exchanging Poison For Imperatives: No Longer Holding To A Form Of Godliness.” It will be about various topics that when understood, bring people into a deeper place with God and a miraculous lifestyle. Righteousness, the goodness of God, intimacy with Jesus, and the power of the tongue are a few of the topics covered in the book. You are going to love it.

Some of the things in the new book may seem controversial to some, but that is okay. Jesus was controversial in His day, so we are in good company. Revelation is usually seen as controversial until it becomes the norm, if it ever does. Luther was seen as highly controversial in his day, but today nobody is threatened by the statement, “You are saved by grace, not works”. This is because Luther paid a price for that revelation to become a norm.

So that is the book. We love you guys. Thank you for walking along side us in ministry and for being our friends.

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