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Online SChool of Resurrection

Dec. 9-10

We live in an online era that is comparable in a culinary fashion to microwavable TV dinners and drive-thru fast food. A person can open up FaceBook or YouTube and peruse mindless hilarity for hours, numbing them to the world with a plethora of cat videos or the newest atrocity to be up-in-arms about, free to watch and rewatch as many times as desired, demanding no participation or contribution of the viewer, and making the only action they take being the constant swipe of a finger.
But this is not that. This is not your consumable, quick fix, online all-you-can-eat buffet of videos. If you want to go deeper with Christ, weigh in and join us. We will be serving exquisite culinary delights that took years to prepare, revelatory feasts that cost us everything to purchase, and practical knowledge that came only from a near decade of practicing. If you want to get rocked in your walk with the Lord, join us for this one-time Online School Of Resurrection. 
There will be no replay. You will not be able to watch this event later. It will be available on this weekend alone, and it will not be posted afterwards. This course is live, and that is it. If you have ever attended a School of Resurrection before, you have already bought in and we want to cover your tuition! Email us and let us know. 
This is an incredible opportunity for the caliber of teaching that will be included in the School of Resurrection. We have had so many people go through this weekend of renewal and be forever changed. Here you can hear from a few people that went through the School of Resurrection.

Your perception of God will be renewed. Your view of yourself will be renewed. Your understanding of life and death will be renewed. Your ministry will be renewed. You will never be the same again.

Tyler Johnson
DRT Director







If registered, a few days before the event 

you will be mailed a link

where the online School of Resurrection

will take place live.

Dates and times (PST):

First session: Dec. 9 @ 6pm
Second Session: Dec. 10 @ 10am
Third Session: Dec. 10 @ 1pm
Fourth Session: Dec. 10 @ 3pm

Last Session: Dec. 10 @ 4pm

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