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Update: We are limiting the team to 20 team members. Half the spots are filled as of today (April 10th) so if you are wanting to go, get your deposit in to hold a spot for you on the team!


You are invited to join Tyler and Christine Johnson of One Glance Ministries on an adventure into the mysterious, beautiful country of India to release the glorious gospel of Jesus! This trip will be a time of transformation, power and deep joy as we flow in the tangible weight of God’s glory. We are encouraging all interested applicants to join us on a 10 day trip in November 2018!


Our team will be preaching the gospel, healing the sick, ministering to the poor, equipping church leaders, hosting a medical clinic in an impoverished area and hosting a crusade.  This is an opportunity to minister in an atmosphere of weighty Presence and resurrection power where you will see the face of Jesus in the poorest of the poor. You will also get activated in the supernatural as you are inundated by the revelation of the goodness of God and experience the manifest power of Holy Spirit.


What will we do? 

We will be praying for the sick, ministering to orphans, preaching the gospel at a crusade to the unreached, setting up a medical clinic, helping hundreds (possibly thousands) of widows, loving on the poor, and equipping church leaders at pastoral trainings. Last time we were in India we went to an unreached area outside of Calcutta. This time we are going back and are going to love a lot of people into the Kingdom. This will be one of the most life-changing weeks you have ever experienced!


How do I apply?


Our application process is simple. Application deadline is Sept 10th.


1) You can download our missions application form (links are on this page), and submit it to us via email with your deposit to hold your spot on the team. The first deposit ($1000) is due upon application no later than Sept. 10th, 2018. We prefer you to mail a check (address below), but we also have PayPal. If you are not accepted on the trip, your deposit is refunded in full. 

2) The remainder of the payment ($2000) is due by Sept. 20th**


3) Once you have done those things, simply wait! We will contact you to confirm you have been placed on the team, and more details will be soon to come after that. 


This is a good time to begin fund-raising at your local church or through family and friends who may want to support your mission. You can share the above YouTube video, write support letters, and post on Facebook that you are going to India. Most believers are more than happy to support someone in an overseas mission.  


Space is limited on this trip. Get your deposit in to hold your spot on the team. Feel free to email us with further questions at


More Information:


What does the trip cost cover?


The cost covers the flight to/from India*, two meals a day, travel costs while in India, translators, bottled water, and comfortable accommodations. You will be well taken care of! We ate well on our last trip, and stayed in pleasant hotels that everyone felt were much nicer than we expected. Nobody got seriously sick, and everyone had an amazing time. Best trip ever.


When is the trip?

November 6-16.

How will we serve?


We are going to have various type of ministry we engage in, but the focus of everything we will do is to love the people of India. A few examples of what we will do are as follows; We will be training local pastors that are hungry for more revelation and impartation. You will get ample chances to minister. We will have a medical focus for portions of the trip where we will administer the gospel through medical means. We will not ignor the poorest of the poor and will minister to them through food, prayer, joy, song, and anything else we have that will bring them into the presence of Love.


Where will we travel?


We will be in Calcutta and the Sundaban region, south of Calcutta.


Who can join this trip?


Anyone can come along who wants to dive into mission work and enjoys the love and power of Jesus Christ spilling out to the nations! Simply follow the steps above and you're on your way.


Are there age limits?


Anyone is welcome. Under 18 must either have a parent with them or parental consent.


What do I pack and what do I bring?


We will send various emails along the way, posting you on advice about packing, eating, currency exchange, passports, and many other details.


Can I send a check instead of using Paypal?


Yes! We prefer that as Paypal typically takes 5% of your money to process the transaction. Send checks to:


One Glance

PO BOX 1392

Shelton, Wa 98584



* This does not include the flight to get to departure city in the US. Each individual will be responsible to get to the departure city on their own. Departure city is determined by a travel agent, but we usually try to leave from the west coast.

** This is nonrefundable as it will be used prior to leaving to cover trip costs, including your flight.

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